Who we are?

The origin of the Bi’masaj that we established in 2013 with the motto of “Short in Duration More in Effects” was the connective tissue disease of mine which I have learned to live with for 10 years now. I had also inquired into alternative treatments besides the long term medication treatments I had within this process. Given that massage is one of the best things for the circulation problem I have had and the inspirations from small foot massage shops we saw during our overseas journeys drove us to do this business in Turkey. Today we provide service in Cevahir Shopping Center where we have a foot massage store and a stand.


We performed the first public test of special chair massage in the baby fest. The questions we took and the attention we attracted made us very happy. We sadly realised how widespread chronic pains were and we decided to get into this business to make you feel comfortable, at least to some extent, and to enhance the quality of your life. 


We opened our massage stand in Cevahir Shopping Center


We opened our first stand in the Istanbul Airport


We started “Special Chair Massage” and “20-Minute Angels” massage application for Corporate Companies.


We opened our massage shop, in which we apply foot massage, in Cevahir Shopping Center besides the massage stand.