The Values of Our

  • You don’t need to take off your clothes during massage so you don’t need to take a shower after massage.
  • It is highly practical for urban life. You can pamper yourself by 20- or 30-minute sessions during lunch break (or) shopping.
  • Our therapists use a special technique which is a combination of many massage types such as Thai and Shiatsu Massage. It is performed through effective pressures rather than oil massage. (The use of oil is optional)
  • Our therapists serve upon asking questions to all our guests whether they have any disease, past surgical history.
  • Customers’ privacy is highly respected. No action, word or implication that evokes sexuality is practiced in customer relations.
  • Always provides a clean, safe and professional environment for our guests.
  • Embraces all our guests without discrimination (with regard to language, religion, ethnicity, sex etc.) and serves at equal levels of quality professionally.
  • Never works or gets into partnership with any person, institution or organisation who engage in illegal or unethical acts.