Why Bi'masaj?

Many employees in the world have to cope with challenges such as workload pressure, unachievable goals, traffic, heavy schedule, pollution, environmental and family factors that complicate living while leading a life with an ever-increasing speed and pace.

All these factors show their effects on employees as stress –the disease of diseases of the age-, burnout syndrome, depression and anxiety disorder.

The stimulus-rich environment that we are exposed to under the conditions of the day; running from one meeting to another; sitting at a computer all day; challenging clients or workmates; long working hours lead to various health issues, and problems that  we cannot handle in our work and private life.

  • ·%62 of employees, in one-fourth or more of their time, are exposed to self-repetitive  hand and arm movements; %46 to painful and exhausting posture; %35 to lifting and carrying heavy load.
  • ·%90 percent of applications to workplace doctors for physical treatment are stress-originated.
  • %80 of industrial accidents is experienced due to stress-related carelessness.
  • %50 of the reasons of work absence is stated as stress.
  • %14 of employees who have quitted job or changed work in last 2 years show stress as reason.
  • The women’s rate of being affected by risk factors is %6 to %11 higher than men.

Source: EU-OSHA (European Work Health and Safety Agency) , “The Collapse of the Personnel After Long-lasting and Intensive Work: The New Epidemic of America” (North-western Natural Life); “Occupational Stress: The Disease of the 20th Century” (BM International Labour Organisation); “Mitchum Report on Stress in 1990s.”

In surveys conducted by  the firms that included institutional massage in their company services:

  • 79%  of the employees noted institutional massage should be obligatory;
  • 91.8% said they recommend institutional massage to people around;
  • 99% stated institutional massage healed rigidity in their muscles that occurred due to stress.
  • 91.9% indicated institutional massage showed positive effect on the relief of physical and mental stress.


The Benefits of Institutional Massage

  • Reduces the physical deformation that stems from sitting at a desk in the same posture or from constantly repetition of the same mechanic movements in the machine park.
  • Prevents the repetition of physical problems that rise out of bad ergonomic conditions.

  • Prevents possible tension at work by reducing the physical and spiritual effects of stress.

  • Reduces the number of work accidents related to distractibility by stimulating interest and attention.

    Companies that have healthy, happy and energetic staff are more productive and this directly affects profitability. Any company that value their staff has begun to include our massage application in their communication activities in order to enhance productivity and motivation by low cost.

    In brief, massage is the most appropriate and healthy method recognized by the world for the enhancement of existing workplace conditions, employee performance, corporate productivity and related financial profitability.

    Its richness of institutional benefits rather than individual ones makes it a desirable and amazing surplus value for any institution when provided in all multi-purpose activities.