Of course, you can present the application you purchase as gift cards, to any person/people that you desire.

No, massage that we apply is given over the clothes by the application of different pressure techniques. The use of oil is optional.

Massage is not a treatment modality. It is a vital supportive application to your doctor’s treatment for both psychological and physical relaxation.

If you have platinum objects etc. within your body, hernia or permanent disability, you should necessarily inform us to get the appropriate application.

You don’t need to book for our shop in Cevahir Shopping Center. You can get massage between 10.00 – 22.00 hours every day in our shop. You should book two days (48 hours) in advance to benefit from our institutional services.

The pregnant can benefit from our foot, face and hand massage applications.

The pregnant and people who had a serious surgery recently are not allowed to get chair massage.

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