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For those who have back, waist, neck, shoulder aches, and for those who feel tired. Those who want to become more energetic with a short application can choose the most appropriate massage for their needs!

Our Institutional Services

Special Chair Massage

Built to serve to the working who spend long hours at desks and designed for this purpose, our special chair massage, which is applied on a special armchair, provides relief around the head, neck, shoulder and waist.

20 Minute Angels

Our professional masseurs and masseuses give you a special technical massage, which is a combination of Thai and Shiatsu massages. The office massage, fairly an express massage, makes you feel comfortable and positive all day long by providing you with the fastest and effective service. Applied in 10, 15 and 20-minute periods depending on your desire.

Why Bi’masaj?

  • You don’t need to take off your clothes during massage so you don’t need to take a shower after massage.
  • It is highly practical for urban life. You can pamper yourself by 20- or 30-minute sessions during lunch break or shopping.
  • Our therapists use a special technique which is a combination of many massage types such as Thai and Shiatsu Massage. It is performed through effective pressures rather than oil massage. (The use of oil is optional)
  • Our therapists serve upon asking questions to all our guests whether they have any disease, past surgical history.
  • Customers’ privacy is highly respected. No action, word or implication that evokes sexuality is practiced in customer relations.


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