Our Institutional Services

  • Special Chair Massage

Built to serve to the working who spend long hours at desks and designed for this purpose, our special chair massage, which is applied on a special armchair, provides relief around the head, neck, shoulder and waist.

  • 20-minute Angels

Our professional masseurs and masseuses give you a special technical massage, which is a combination of Thai and Shiatsu massages. The office massage, fairly an express massage, makes you feel comfortable and positive all day long by providing you with the fastest and effective service. Applied in 10, 15 and 20-minute periods depending on your desire.

Reduces Stress

Office massage helps relieve chronic stress. Happy staff are productive staff!

Improves Productivity

A rejuvenated mind becomes more productive. The employees are refreshed after the chair massage and lead a more positive day.

Bolsters Morale

The employees working on distinguished office service and premium basis feel enthusiastic for work. Chair massage will be on-point for everyone!

We Are Budget Friendly

You don’t need to be scared, institutional massage is the easiest way of improving productivity with low budget.

30 Days Warranty

We offer you 30-Day Warranty as a sign of quality service we provide and our intimacy.

Your Health is Our Priority

Massage can improve employee health by enhancing circulation and strengthening immune system. When taken on a regular basis, massage prevents pains rooting in our body by reducing chronic pains.

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